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Sedation Dentistry

A small pill makes it a lot easier for you to visit the dentist.

If you've been putting off dental work for years out of fear of pain, anxiety or embarrassment about the condition of your teeth, fear no more. A+ Dentistry dentists are specially trained and certified in sedation dentistry by the GA board of Dentistry.

Simple, safe, trusted sedation dentistry involves taking a small pill at the dentist. You will stay awake throughout but have no memory of the dental work performed. You will also be able to have longer, more complex and multiple dental procedures done without any discomfort. Imagine simply taking a pill and having a comfortable, positive dental experience with years worth of dental work done in one or two visits. That's what A+ Dentistry delivers.
Soothing. Comfortable. Relaxed. No Fear. No Embarrassment.
One-pill sedation dentistry is a safe, effective option for 90% of all dental patients. A+ Dentistry dentists are just a handful of existing dentists that are trained to do it. You can walk into the office with unsightly metal fillings, chipped, broken, stained or gapped teeth and walk out with the smile you've always wanted, while having enjoyed the most soothing, comfortable dental experience of your life in the process.