Sedation Dentistry

Ease the anxiety of dental procedures with sedation dentistry.

If fear of pain, anxiety, or embarrassment about the condition of your teeth have prevented you from going to the dentist, have we got news for you: A+ Dentistry dentists are trained and certified in sedation dentistry by the Georgia Board of Dentistry.

Satisfied dentist patient showing her perfect smile after treatment in a clinic box with medical equipment in the background

Comfort and Relaxation - All From a Single Pill

When you arrive for your treatment, you will take a small pill that will allow you to stay awake during treatment but leave you with no memory of it. Sedation dentistry allows patients to sit through longer, more complex treatments without pain, fear, anxiety, or embarrassment.

Sedation dentistry has been life-changing for patients who have avoided the dentist for years. If you are among those who break into a sweat at the mere mention of a cleaning, be sure to tell us when you request an appointment so we can discuss your options.