Early Orthodontic Intervention

It's never too early to start your child down a healthy dental path.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary to wait for all of your child’s adult teeth to come in before attempting orthodontic treatment. To the contrary, it is best to intervene as early as possible to help your child avoid a number of complications as their teeth, jaws, and facial structures develop.

little girl at the dentist

How Early Orthodontics Can Benefit Your Child

Orthodontic treatments do far more than simply straightening smiles. While that is certainly a perk, orthodontics are sometimes medically necessary to prevent future problems that may be difficult to treat or painful. Here are just some of the ways your child can benefit from orthodontics:

  • Your little one can enjoy healthy jaw joints! Jaws that are too narrow can cause your child to experience headaches, earaches, neck aches, and popping or locking jaws, among other symptoms.
  • Your child can breathe freely! When breathing problems are the result of an obstructed airway, orthodontics can properly position your child’s mouth to open airways, allowing for easier breathing both during the day and at night.
  • Your child can avoid having overcrowded teeth! Orthodontics can be used to create ample space in the mouth for all of the adult teeth that will eventually erupt, minimizing the need for corrective braces in late adolescence.
  • No underdeveloped jaws! If the jaw is not properly aligned, it can give the appearance of a weak chin (think of the animated characters from The Simpsons). Orthodontics position the jaw properly so that the chin is in proportion with the rest of your child’s face.

The next time you’re in our office with your favorite young person, be sure to talk to us about early orthodontic intervention. The “wait and see” approach is a gamble that you do not want to take with your child’s teeth, jaws, and overall health.