Dentures & Partial Dentures

Custom dentures can improve your bite, and your quality of life.

A denture is a removable replacement for missing teeth and adjacent tissues. Correctly placing dentures takes a combination of skill, experience, and artistry. Our doctors are skilled in the placement of dentures and experienced in ensuring to their proper fit and function. If you have experienced tooth loss, our experienced doctors can help you examine your choices and choose which type of restoration best suits your lifestyle.

dentures and partial dentures

Many people who wear dentures have difficulties with slipping, eating, or sores that all stem from a poorly constructed or ill-fitting apparatus. Our doctors will provide high quality full and partial dentures that will fit correctly, remain comfortable, pain-free, and stable when you eat and speak.

Our full and partial dentures are made with quality materials that look natural and are durable. Our doctors will ensure that they are the right shape, color, and size to provide a natural look and guarantee a comfortable fit that will allow you to speak with clarity and enjoy your favorite foods. An added bonus is that properly aligned dentures will give you a more attractive look and prevent premature wrinkles around the lips or at the corners of the mouth.

Our dentists may recommend the use of full dental implants to stabilize your dentures. This has the added benefit of preventing bone loss, which can eventually make wearing dentures difficult, create jaw problems, and even give your face an aged, sunken-in look. Our dental professionals are experts in crafting and placing dentures and implants, and will ensure that your implants secure your dentures to create the most natural fit and feel possible.

At A+ Dentistry, we offer the following types of dentures:

  • Complete, which replaces all of the teeth and can be created for both upper and lower jaws.
  • Partial, which works well for patients who still have some of their natural teeth.
  • Immediate, which are inserted immediately after the removal of your remaining teeth.
  • Overdenture, a removable denture that fits over a small number of remaining natural teeth or implants.

Over time, it may be necessary to adjust the fit of your dentures. As you age, your bone and gum ridges can recede or shrink, resulting in a loose-fitting denture. Without the proper fit, dentures can cause sores and even infections.

If you’d like to learn more about dentures or other prosthetic options, call our office at 770-889-5335.