Feel the difference of a professional teeth cleaning.

A routine dental cleaning takes about one hour and will usually include scaling and polishing. If you have not requested your next professional cleaning, contact us today to avoid the cost and inconvenience of extensive dental restorations.

Teeth cleaning
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Benefits of Professional Cleanings

To avoid excessive plaque buildup, it is essential to schedule a professional cleaning at least twice each year. Left untreated, plaque buildup can cause tooth decay and gum disease. When you come in for a cleaning, you can expect the following to occur:

  • Plaque removal: Plaque is a sticky film comprised of food debris, saliva, and living bacteria that produces toxins that inflames your gums and damages your teeth.
  • Removal of tartar: When plaque is left on the tooth, it hardens into tartar both above and below the gumlines. Special dental instruments must be used to remove the tartar.
  • Teeth polishing: Polishing removes any residual plaque or surface stains from the teeth.

Your Brushing & Flossing Routine

Even with semi-annual cleaning appointments, brushing and flossing at home are required to keep your teeth and gums at their most healthy. Brushing at least twice a day and flossing once daily prevents tooth decay and gum disease –both major causes of tooth loss — as well as bad breath and staining.